Hotel “Zlata Lipa” is located on the border of the National Park Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland and the Protected Landscape Area Elbe Sandstone. Thanks to its location in Bohemian Switzerland, you can watch from the hotel windows the width surrounding , where the Sněžník lookout tower dominates. The surrounding countryside is very suitable for lovers of hiking and biking. There are many interesting historical and cultural monuments in the area.

Pravcicka brana (Prebischtor gate)

Pravcicka brana( Prebischtor gate) is the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe. It is the National Natural Landmark. It is considered the most beautiful natural form in Czech Switzerland and is the symbol of the whole region. It has impressive dimensions, a span of 26,5m, an inside height of 16m, 8m maximum width, the minimum 3m and the top platform is 21m above its bottom.

14 km


Hrensko village and gorges

Hrensko is an entering gate into the national park Czech Switzerland. You will be enchanted by the charming countryside that you will see during walks along Kamenice (Kamnitz), among rocks, under rock overhangs, through tunnels and over narrow footbridges. Edmund´s and Wild gorge can be seen from boats which are controlled by boatmen.

12 km


Sandstone massif Tisa Walls

A sandstone massif Tisa Walls is situated 613m above the see level on the outskirts of the village Tisa and the National Nature Reserve the Elbe Sandrocks in the north of the CR. The countryside which was formed for tens of millions years and changed into a magic place with rock walls, cracks, pillars, canyons, gorge, caves, overhangs and sandstone towers.

12 km



One of the most attractive tourist place in Saxon Switzerland is the Bastei viewing platform. It attracts the attention of tourists and climbers especially with beautiful views of the picturesque Elbe valley, the unique stone bridge Basteibrücke and the castle Neurathen with views of the rock town.

27 km

Golf Janov 16km
Dresden 56 km
Palace Děčín 1,5 km
Děčínský Sněžník 8 km
Sandstone massif Tisa Walls 12 km
Mary’s view 21 km