ZEN LUXURY SPA wellness centre is built in ZEN buddhism style. Why ZEN buddhism? In today’s over-technological and hectic world, man is in a constant tension and stress. ZEN Buddhism-style wellness allows you to find the balance and relaxing. This all is possible thanks to 360 m2 of this perfect stylish place , which is ready for your relaxation, sports activities, massages and saunas to the sounds of pleasant relaxing music. You can meditate, think of meaning of life and find your balance while looking at a beautiful ZEN garden.


Relax and be pampered in the beautiful surroundings of ZEN LUXURY SPA. Here you can relax and gain strength with the sound of relaxing music, you will be reborn. Choose your custom massages from our rich offer.

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We have prepared a special offer of a romantic wellness experience for two people called “BLUE LAGOON” . You will have the whole wellness “ZEN LUXURY SPA” just for yourself. We will prepare a bottle of chilled Bohemia Sekt with fresh seasonal fruit and other snacks for you to order according to your wishes. The atmosphere is enhanced by the intimate candlelight and ubiquitous romantic music. 360 m2 of perfect stylish environment is ready for your relaxation and experiences. You can visit us daily from 8 pm to 10 pm. We wish you an unforgettable experience.

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